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  • PharmaGCP
  • Cvr: 37842273
  • Mosetoften 1
  • 2600 Glostrup
  • Denmark
  • Contact person:
  • Thuy Diem Larsen, M.Sc.Pharm.
  • Senior GCP advisor
  • Senior consultant within clinical research and device vigilance
  • Board member of Danish GCP Association
  • Phone: +45 28 30 76 42
  • Mail:

With more than 16 years within GCP, clinical research and device-/pharmacovigilance, I have an extensive knowledge and experience in several clinical trials processes/activities such as GCP training, GCP audit/inspection, Quality Management System, SOP writing, process expert in protocol preparation, informed consent, monitoring, IMP labelling/packaging, IV/WRS set-up and safety data handling. I always focus on high quality and compliance, as quality and compliance are crucial foundation for patient safety and successful results.

Albert Einstein:
Success = Work + Play
Successful business = Knowledge + Quality
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