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In order to obtain and maintain your knowledge within clinical research, you can use PharmaGCP through these options:

Quality services

PharmaGCP specializes in GCP mock inspections, GCP/GVP audits, GCP training and QMS. Our specialists have many years’ experience in clinical quality area such as GCP inspector, auditor, clinical quality assurance manager.

Our mission is to deliver services of the highest quality and effectiveness.

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Basic GCP training

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Advanced GCP training and workshop

The content will be tailored to business needs.

Quality and audit

Keys to sustainable success:

Quality – Compliance and Efficiency

Customers’ feedback on GCP training, provided by PharmaGCP:

Below are examples of feedback from face-to-face training:

Life Science company in Denmark:

It was a very good, relevant and interactive training. There was positive feedback from all participants.

One participant said: I expected 3 boring hours with GCP rules etc., but was so surprised that the training is so relevant to my daily work, so it is far from boring. I already look forward to a refresher training next time.

Pharmaceutical company in Macedonia:

The advanced GCP training was top-scored in all topics; sponsor responsibilities, lab requirements, risk management, risk based monitoring, computerised system, safety reporting, IMP, TMF, protocol deviation, CAPA, audit plan and sponsor oversight.

All participants gave feedback that the training was relevant, interactive and easy to follow eventhough the topics were tough and complex.  All stated that it was an excellent course, clear presentations and valuable answers to participants’ questions.

Head of Reseach and Development commented that the IMP topic was unclear before the training due to its complexity, but was well-covered and explained during the training, so it is clear now.

Other participants mentioned that the training was so good, because both trainers have so much practical experience, which is really valuable.

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Successful business = Knowledge + Quality
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